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Cultural Encounters

Cultural Visits At Kidepo Valley National Park

A Uganda cultural safari to Kidepo National Park presents an opportunity for visitors to experience the authentic culture of the Karamojong and IK people.

The Lorukul Cultural Group is located just outside Park. Their main livelihood is herding livestock, and the social and cultural importance will be explained as you walk with the guides to the traditional Karamojong manyattas (homesteads), granaries and cattle enclosures.

Learn how the villagers make their distinctive beads, sample the local cuisine, and even meet the Karamojong King, who will narrate the tribe’s folklore and beliefs.

Also, Kidepo Valley National Park was the traditional hunting territory of the mysterious Ik tribe, one of Africa’s most culturally-intact communities.

The 3-hour trek up to the Ik villages high on the slopes of Morungole Mountain offers an unforgettable opportunity on your Uganda safaris to make friends among the charming people who were (inexplicably) portrayed as the world’s nastiest people in the 1973 best-seller The Mountain People by Colin Turnbull.

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