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Hiking & Scenery Viewing

Hiking/Nature Walks In Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley National Park is vast, beautiful and full to the brim. To many travelers on a tour of Uganda, Kidepo has the exact features of the authentic African wilderness.

Flat plains in scenic landscape and land features where beautiful wildlife species spread into all corners of the grasslands and mingle at will.

Visitors on Uganda hiking safaris in Kidepo Park can walk along the splendid Kidepo River Valley between banks of attractive Borassus palm forest. Namamkweny Valley can be reached in one hour from Apoka.

Visitors can also meet members of the IK tribe during prearranged hikes to the Morungole Mountains outside the park. The Morungule range, which rises from the plains to the northeast of Apoka, can be explored on foot with a ranger guide escort.

Short nature walks around Apoka Rest Camp provides the chance to view species such as zebras, hartebeest, and reedbucks.

Longer walks through the open grasslands of East Kakine provide sightings of giraffe, buffalo, elephant and perhaps distant lions.

Visitors can also explore part or all of the 15km Rionomoe Trail on the southern side of the Narus valley.  All walks require a ranger guide.

Lonyilli Mountain is situated near the park on the border of South Sudan is a great ideal for nature walks and mountain hiking. The mountain provides striking views of the splendid montane forest canopy and an overview of Kidepo valley and South Sudan on a far distance.

The magnificent mountain is largely covered by montane forest making it and habitat to a good number of primates like red-tailed and black and white Columbus monkeys.

Guided Nature Walks Fees In Kidepo Valley National Park

  • US$20—Foreign Non-Resident Visitors
  • U$15—Foreign Resident Visitors
  • UGX 10,000—East African citizens

Kidepo Lonyili Summit Hike Fees

  • US$50—Foreign non-resident and foreign Resident Visitors
  • UGX 50,000—East African Citizens

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