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Meet Bull Bull, Kidepo’s Oldest Elephant

Kidepo Valley National Park is indeed a distinct Uganda wildlife safari destination with not only special endemics but also wonderful and unique wildlife species like Bull Bull. Bull Bull is Kidepo Valley National Parks oldest Elephant that enjoys local brew known as “kwete”. The 74-year-old mammal weighs about six tones. Bull Bull is known to have a very good sense of smell and hearing therefore being able to detect something from so many kilometers away which is of advantage to it since it has got a very poor eyesight.

Bull Bull takes alcohol or local brew which makes it high though this makes it very sensitive and can destroy a lot of property. When it smells maize flour, bananas, pineapples, porridge or local brew it will do anything possible to get the drink. This can be so disastrous in that it can go to an extent of breaking down the house.

The love from the people of Kidepo to Bull Bull has made the elephant so familiar to people and interacts with them occasionally. Bull Bull no longer goes to the bush to look for grass, tree leaves, flowers, shrubs and wild fruits but stays with human beings and moves through their houses freely to get food. However, besides the alcohol when the grass dry’s, Bull Bull joins other elephants to eat almost any kind of vegetation they can find.

Elephants are some of the most iconic animals in the world and loved to be sighted by tourists on wildlife safaris in Uganda. The elephants are the large mammals forming the family Elephantidae in the order Proboscidea and are scattered throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Their soft eyes, gentle nature, and comical personalities as youngsters is amazing to sight on safari.

However, elephants alone are not the attractions in Kidepo Valley National Park, there is a lot more to see in this Uganda’s best safari destination and here are highlights on what you will come across;

Wildlife in Kidepo Valley National Park

A profusion of wildlife with over 77 mammal species with about 28 endemics to this park including the fastest land animal-the cheetah, Bat-eared fox, carcal and klipspringer. The other big game of the park includes the lions, Elephants, maneless Zebras ranging from North west Kenya and South Sudan, giraffe, Hyenas, Eland, Hartebeest and probably Africa’s largest single herd of Buffalo, a wildlife safari in Uganda which gives an extension to Kenya wildlife safari tours as well Tanzania wildlife safari tours.

Bird species in Kidepo Valley National Park

Uganda birding safaris lovers are blessed with a tune of birds that add up to more than 475 species ranks the park as the second national park with diverse bird species including the Black-breasted Barbet and Karamoja Apallis that are endemic to this park. The silver bird and small bands of yellow-billed birds are frequent on the thorn trees of the open wilderness, the Vinaceous Dove, Hoopoe, Nubian wood pecker, Ruppels and superb starling are some of the sky beauties of this vast open wilderness.

Come have a dramatic safari experience as you meet Bull Bull during your visit to Kidepo Valley National Park.

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